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Stage de danses organisé par Giorgos Kapsalis à Tsepelovo (Epire) du 24 au 31 juillet 2017

Date du stage: 
24/07/2017 - 31/07/2017


Seminar of Greek Dance with

Giorgos Kapsalis and Dina Koukoufiki

Epirus -Tsepelovo - Zagorochoria, 24 July 31 July 2017



Giorgos Kapsalis and Dina Koukoufiki are organising a traditional dance workshop, which will take place in Epirus, in the village of Tsepelovo, Zagorochoria. The workshop begins on 24th July at 6.00 p.m. and ends on 31st July right after breakfast.
Tsepelovo is one of the villages in the famous Zagori and it is located in Epirus, in the prefecture of Ioannina. Majestic canyons, stone stairs, unique bridges and endless peaks compose the image that the visitor confronts in this area. Forty-six scattered villages, like eagle's nests, spread among the mountains of Timfi, Mitsikeli and Lygkos.

The seminar will be a small trip for all of us, to the special region of Epirus, with its wonderful music and songs, with its simple and strange dances. During the workshop, songs, customs and traditions will be taught mainly from different villages of the region of Epirus. There will be daily dance teaching, songs learning and traditional costumes presentation by the corresponding introducer of each region. Furthermore, we are going to have the opportunity to visit corresponding villages, to participate in feasts with the residents of the villages and to taste their local foods.

In addition, during the seminar will be taught dances and songs from the regions of Epirus, Macedonia, Thrace, Eastern Rumelia and Pontos.
We will be accommodated at the hotel Drakolimni
www.drakolimni.com which is built with local carved stone and all its spaces have been decorated according to the traditional Zagorian architecture. Every evening, feasts will be held at the hotel or the squares of several villages.

The participants will have the opportunity to take place in significant festivities of the region, visit folklore museums and walk in gorgeous tracks of the lush, enjoying nature and the architecture of the landscape.

Master Plan:

  •   24th July is the arrival-registration day and welcome night of the participants.

  •   From 25th to 30th July there will be held dance and song courses and excursions to

    nearby villages .

  •   Departureon31st Julyafterbreakfast.

  •   The workshop will be in both English and Greek.

  •   The dance courses will be held every morning and afternoon (except for the days

    of visits) in specially designed spaces.

    Ways of arrival.

    a- By plane to Thessaloniki and from there by bus to Ioannina and Tsepelovo.
    - By plane to Athens -- Ioannina and from there by bus to Tsepelovo.
    c- By boat through Italy-Igoumenitsa and from there by bus to Ioannina and Tsepelovo.
    d- By plane to the airport of Aktion (Preveza) and from there by bus to Preveza-Ioannina and Tsepelovo.

    The price of the workshop is 650 € and includes:
    1) 7 overnights at the hotel “Drakolimni”.
    2) Accommodation in double rooms with breakfast, lunch and dinner. ( no drink) 3) 4-5 hours of traditional dance teaching a day.
    4) Excursions, conducted tours, visits.
    5) Printed informational material about dance and songs that will be taught.
    6) T-shirt with the logo of the workshop.
    7) CD with the music of the workshop.

    For your convenience and pleasant stay, we will have to know the exact way, time and place of your arrival.

    We would like to be informed in time whether there are food or stay preferences. For your convenience, sign up in time, due to limited availability.
    You can visit the hotel website: www.drakolimni.com

    For any further information you can contact by e-mail: kapsalisgior@yahoo.gr konstantiakoukoufiki@gmail.com or by phone: + 30 6944 111 514